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poniedziałek, 4 marca 2019

Send a doughnut to Africa

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The community of our school truly believes that every single person can make a change, that we all can help each other. The proof would be the fact that we organise charity events every time we get a chance.
On the 28th of February, we've celebrated "Fat Thursday" in Poland and it's made a perfect occasion for us to do some good. We've started action "Send a doughnut to Africa". Some students baked some delicious baked goods and our older friends from 3rd grade have been selling them over breaks, collecting money for children in Africa. Let me tell you, it was quite hard to move around the hall with all the people lining up to buy some cakes. It's been so amazing to watch so many of us ready to support such action. It was really successful and I'm sure we will do it again next year. I hope it motivates you to do good yourself. It's so easy! 

środa, 19 grudnia 2018

Christmas video

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As you probably have noticed already, we do not get bored in this school. We're not letting ourselves to! 
Since Christmas is literally around the corner, 2nd grade made a Christmas video! We wanted to do something that will remind us of that amazing time that we're having in high school, and as we all absolutely love Christmas time, we all agreed that it's a good time to make a video. We've used a cover of a song by Megan Nicole - Santa Baby. We love that song. 
Anyways, I hope you like the video. It contains a lot of running, which, if you're wide-awake, you'll notice :D 


niedziela, 9 grudnia 2018


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There are so many events, trips and occasions in our school that I can’t even get my head around it. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with writing about them.
On the 30th of November, we set out to the university in Rzeszów to see a play called „Pygmalion”. It’s an English drama written by  George Bernard Shaw. It was presented to us by a group of English actors that came to Poland to present the play in some cities. For some of us, it was incredibly difficult to understand, because the play was full of different English accents. However, it definitely was an amazing opportunity for us to brush up our English. But let’s go back to the begging! What was it about?
Basically, the play was about Eliza Doolittle, a flower girl with an awful accent that meets an English language specialist, who makes a bet with his friend to help Eliza improve the way she speaks. It’s a really funny yet thought-provoking play. I had so much fun watching it. Also, it was a fun way of learning English instead of just sitting in the class. We all know that it might get boring from time to time so it’s nice that we have the opportunity to do something different.
We don’t have any photos so sorry for that.

Till the next time!

czwartek, 18 października 2018

Weekend in Zakopane

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On the weekend of 13-14 October, we set out on a trip to Zakopane. It's a city located on the south of Poland, in mountains Tatry. It's a very famous city, that brings a lot of tourists. The weather was amazing as for the season so we were very lucky, and we've made the most of it. To portray our fun, I've made a quick video. Hope you enjoy! 

czwartek, 11 października 2018

Foreign languages day

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- traditional polish outfit -

Would you like to have a chance to learn more about certain countries like Brasil or Japan?
Our school is a great place for that. We have so many events, almost every week there is something different. It is incredible because everyone can show their creative side. School shouldn't be a place where we are only learning. Our school cares about it.
Last week we had "Foreign languages day". It’s an event where we talk about different countries.
Our younger friends from Middle school presented Hawaii. They had the special dress code which they've made themselves. Group of girls were dancing some kind of traditional dance and their classmate was pretending to surf on the surfboard! It looked amazing. At the end of their presentation, they had a quiz with prizes!
The first grade of high school chose Mexico. It was a surprise for us when they said that "day of the Dead" is a happy day in this country. Also, they showed how people celebrate it. They dance and sing in the cemetery! I mean, for polish people, that’s strange!
Time for us! We had Brasil and I think it is a very interesting country. For example, I didn't know that the official language of Brasil is Portuguese! But the best moment was when Michel Telo and Gustavo Lima visited us in school! Joking, we’re not THAT extra. Two girls from our class dressed like them and pretended to sing BUT it was very realistic, as you can see in the photo. Everyone was singing together and it was great.
Third grades chose Poland and Japan. We could think that we know everything about Poland but it's wrong! Our culture is beautiful and wide. We could talk about it for hours! Third grade showed us traditional outfits and song which we were singing together. Seems like we’re doing everything together!
The last grade talked about Japan. They also danced and said a lot of curiosities. Except to, they had a challenge for students. We tried to solve sudoku! I think that was the most difficult task I've ever seen. At the end of the event, the bomb exploded! Okay, I'm joking, it wasn't the real bomb, just sound effects. Yet everyone got confused for a minute so that was fun.
Of course, everybody made some snacks. It tasted so good!
Summarizing, I think that this day was successful. We are waiting for the next events.

poniedziałek, 1 października 2018

The initiation ceremony

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One of my favourite traditions in our school is the initiation ceremony.  It's always the 2nd grade that organizes the event so it was our class' responsibility this year. Not gonna lie, we take stuff like this very seriously. We wanted it to be perfect because it was our time to welcome a new class at our school. It's very important for us to have a good connection with everyone in school so we wanted them to feel comfortable.
First, there was an official part of the event. The Head Teacher had an amazing speech and the first grade made a formal vow. After that, we introduced them by showing a quick film that they've made.
Next, we went on to the fun part. We created two teams, dividing them into humanistic and science profiles. Their task was to compete against each other in games that we came up with.
The first one was the quiz about our school. They had to answer questions from "how many computers do we have in IT class?" to "how many bathrooms do we have in school?". It went surprisingly well. They must have done some research!
Then we changed things a little bit. Our friends Dawid and Kuba dressed up as a farmer and... a cow! They brought two bowls of milk because the next task was to drink the whole milk from the bowl without using hands! I don't think I've ever laughed harder! It was ridiculous.
Then the educator of the first grade prepared two riddles about himself. We made a phone from two cans and a string and he had to tell the riddle to one person from each team. Then the person had to pass it along to another person and so on. This one was hard!
My favourite game was the one in which they had to listen to classic polish songs and when it suddenly stopped they had to sing a couple of next words. They got all of them right which is great. Also, everyone in the room was singing together, which made it very special and cosy.
In the end, we had limbo! My friends were holding two brooms together and one person from each team had to do the limbo. The first one to fall lost.
Eventually, the humanistic profile won, but congratulations fell for the whole class.
After it ended we had a disco! We danced together and got to know each other. It was the best way to integrate. I think that I can safely say that after that night we all became friends. I'm very happy about that.

piątek, 21 września 2018

Special guests in our school

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The 19th of September was definitely an interesting day. Why?
It was incredible because we had special guests at our school. Yes, I know, you’re probably wondering who that was. Get to the point already! Well, would you like to talk with American soldiers? We had this chance! It was amazing because soldiers visited us and spent the day in our school. We talked with them about their work, hobbies and their opinion about Poland. They had a presentation about the Polish-American relationship. It is super important to us because this year is the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence. We asked them a lot of questions, which they answered happily. They were really nice! We’re very happy that we were given this opportunity. I mean, they were real soldiers! From America! I still can’t get my head around it. In the end, we took a photo together. It will be a wonderful memory! 
P.S. One of them was very handsome... we will be waiting for the next meeting!

niedziela, 16 września 2018


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Hi! We’re in 2nd grade in high school. We only have one class and there are 23 of us. We’re a very positive, happy, connected group of people. We’re all friends in this class. If there’s any problem, we will solve it together no matter what. We like to take part in every activity or project in our school. We’re very creative and we like to express that. One of us is actually a form captain of our school. She won the election in 1st class which is quite a thing! We’re very open. We like to have a connection with other classes. We want our school to be a happy place, where everyone can feel comfortable. You go to school every day so you don’t really have a choice but to like it. We definitely do. And that’s perfect.  

Hello, we are Kinga and Alicja and we want to introduce you to our class. We’re in 3rd grade in high school, so we’ve got one year till the end. We have twenty-one girls and only three boys. Our class is on the humanistic and biological profile. I think that we are really consistent and friendly. We like to spend time together at school and after it. We get here true friendships for the rest of our life. Our classmates take a part in school trips because they love to travel collectively. If we have a problem to learn something then we like to help each other. We are the top of the top!