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The initiation ceremony

One of my favourite traditions in our school is the initiation ceremony.  It's always the 2nd grade that organizes the event so it was our class' responsibility this year. Not gonna lie, we take stuff like this very seriously. We wanted it to be perfect because it was our time to welcome a new class at our school. It's very important for us to have a good connection with everyone in school so we wanted them to feel comfortable.
First, there was an official part of the event. The Head Teacher had an amazing speech and the first grade made a formal vow. After that, we introduced them by showing a quick film that they've made.
Next, we went on to the fun part. We created two teams, dividing them into humanistic and science profiles. Their task was to compete against each other in games that we came up with.
The first one was the quiz about our school. They had to answer questions from "how many computers do we have in IT class?" to "how many bathrooms do we have in school?". It went surprisingly well. They must have done some research!
Then we changed things a little bit. Our friends Dawid and Kuba dressed up as a farmer and... a cow! They brought two bowls of milk because the next task was to drink the whole milk from the bowl without using hands! I don't think I've ever laughed harder! It was ridiculous.
Then the educator of the first grade prepared two riddles about himself. We made a phone from two cans and a string and he had to tell the riddle to one person from each team. Then the person had to pass it along to another person and so on. This one was hard!
My favourite game was the one in which they had to listen to classic polish songs and when it suddenly stopped they had to sing a couple of next words. They got all of them right which is great. Also, everyone in the room was singing together, which made it very special and cosy.
In the end, we had limbo! My friends were holding two brooms together and one person from each team had to do the limbo. The first one to fall lost.
Eventually, the humanistic profile won, but congratulations fell for the whole class.
After it ended we had a disco! We danced together and got to know each other. It was the best way to integrate. I think that I can safely say that after that night we all became friends. I'm very happy about that.

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