czwartek, 11 października 2018

Foreign languages day

- traditional polish outfit -

Would you like to have a chance to learn more about certain countries like Brasil or Japan?
Our school is a great place for that. We have so many events, almost every week there is something different. It is incredible because everyone can show their creative side. School shouldn't be a place where we are only learning. Our school cares about it.
Last week we had "Foreign languages day". It’s an event where we talk about different countries.
Our younger friends from Middle school presented Hawaii. They had the special dress code which they've made themselves. Group of girls were dancing some kind of traditional dance and their classmate was pretending to surf on the surfboard! It looked amazing. At the end of their presentation, they had a quiz with prizes!
The first grade of high school chose Mexico. It was a surprise for us when they said that "day of the Dead" is a happy day in this country. Also, they showed how people celebrate it. They dance and sing in the cemetery! I mean, for polish people, that’s strange!
Time for us! We had Brasil and I think it is a very interesting country. For example, I didn't know that the official language of Brasil is Portuguese! But the best moment was when Michel Telo and Gustavo Lima visited us in school! Joking, we’re not THAT extra. Two girls from our class dressed like them and pretended to sing BUT it was very realistic, as you can see in the photo. Everyone was singing together and it was great.
Third grades chose Poland and Japan. We could think that we know everything about Poland but it's wrong! Our culture is beautiful and wide. We could talk about it for hours! Third grade showed us traditional outfits and song which we were singing together. Seems like we’re doing everything together!
The last grade talked about Japan. They also danced and said a lot of curiosities. Except to, they had a challenge for students. We tried to solve sudoku! I think that was the most difficult task I've ever seen. At the end of the event, the bomb exploded! Okay, I'm joking, it wasn't the real bomb, just sound effects. Yet everyone got confused for a minute so that was fun.
Of course, everybody made some snacks. It tasted so good!
Summarizing, I think that this day was successful. We are waiting for the next events.

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