niedziela, 16 września 2018


Hi! We’re in 2nd grade in high school. We only have one class and there are 23 of us. We’re a very positive, happy, connected group of people. We’re all friends in this class. If there’s any problem, we will solve it together no matter what. We like to take part in every activity or project in our school. We’re very creative and we like to express that. One of us is actually a form captain of our school. She won the election in 1st class which is quite a thing! We’re very open. We like to have a connection with other classes. We want our school to be a happy place, where everyone can feel comfortable. You go to school every day so you don’t really have a choice but to like it. We definitely do. And that’s perfect.  

Hello, we are Kinga and Alicja and we want to introduce you to our class. We’re in 3rd grade in high school, so we’ve got one year till the end. We have twenty-one girls and only three boys. Our class is on the humanistic and biological profile. I think that we are really consistent and friendly. We like to spend time together at school and after it. We get here true friendships for the rest of our life. Our classmates take a part in school trips because they love to travel collectively. If we have a problem to learn something then we like to help each other. We are the top of the top!

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